Summer Baby Monitor

A digital baby monitor is the modern, hands-free way of keeping a careful eye on your baby 24/7. Summer baby monitors, you will find, come as a two-part unit containing a transmitter and a receiver. The baby unit is the transmitter that is placed in the nursery where it will record the breathing and movement of your baby and transmit this back to the receiver, in real time, enabling you to see and hear everything through the baby video monitor.

A baby monitor can come with many varied uses, such as two way talking, music playing, alarm sounding if a child is wandering off etc., however, one of the most common uses is when the child is asleep in another room. Therefore, when considering the best types of digital baby monitors, it is always worth noting the size of your property as the frequency range on these devices can vary wildly. A standard monitor should suffice in a small property but something a little more sophisticated would be required for long-range listening.

A summer infant video monitor can certainly make parenting a little easier on you as it simply helps you to get things done around the house or garden during those couple of hours of peace you get when your baby falls asleep.

A baby monitor can help you get things done around the house while your baby sleeps in another room. If you live in a small house or flat and can hear your baby wherever you are then you probably don’t need one, however, if your baby is upstairs and you are downstairs then it really is peace of mind.

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Baby Monitor With Night Vision

baby monitor with night vision

Baby Monitor With Night Vision

The baby monitor with night vision is now technology at its finest. The traditional baby sound monitors were a terrific boon to modern parents, however, with the more advanced digital LED monitors, you can now not only hear your baby, but also see them right throughout the day and night.

With busy parents on the go, not many have the luxury of being able to sit quietly in the baby’s bedroom, watching them sleep so this is why baby monitors were invented.

baby monitor with night vision

Turn On, Tune In, and Stay Out of Baby’s Room

With this handy, compact little monitor you can see and hear your baby’s every move, snuffle, rustle and breath, from anywhere in the house! Sound lights visually show baby’s level of activity, while nighttime LED lights on the camera also make the baby fully visible. Simply push one button on the parent unit to take a peek, then push the same button to place back into sound mode.

With up to 350 meter range you can simply carry the monitor with you wherever you go, even in the yard. This saves you from having to poke your head in through that creaking door you’ve been meaning to fix for so long. Nothing worse than having to go through the whole bedtime saga again in the same night.

Quick and Easy Operation

This 2-channel baby monitor with night vision installs in minutes without any tool requirements, so you can enjoy the benefits of wireless audio and video monitoring right away. Compact and lightweight, the monitor can then be attached either to the belt clip, placed on any flat surface using the stand or mounted on a wall with the wall mount bracket.

Once installed, the 900 MHz camera transmits clear pictures and sounds to the video monitor with ranges up to 350 clear feet or 100 feet obstructed. Extra cameras (sold separately) can easily be added to the package for simultaneous use in alternate rooms throughout the house.

Crystal Clear Reception

This handheld monitor utilizes the latest FM band technology to provide crystal clear reception. In addition, it has an easy to read, 1.8-inch, high resolution, full color LCD display and LED sound lights. Another technological advantage is that there is no static or cross interference with other common household devices, such as cordless phones and wireless computers.

Keep Track of Baby at Night

This baby monitor with night vision installed is one of the unique features of this Quiet Sounds monitor offers to enable you to check on your sleeping child without having to accidently wake them as you attempt to creep quietly into the room. There are nine built-in infrared LEDs that permit the camera to view clear black and white images within a distance of up to six feet in total darkness. Full color images are displayed during daylight operation.

Another night-time option is to turn off the video button and choose the audio-only option. A super sensitive microphone built into the camera alerts sleeping parents that their baby is making noises, crying or moving around in his or her crib.

Longlasting and Reliable

Rechargeable batteries (up to 10 hours) are part of this sleek looking baby monitor package. A super power-save feature will time out after 3 minutes if not in use. Headphone jacks can be used for private monitoring or audio/video outputs can connect to the home television or video recorder for open viewing.

Techy Details

1.8-inch screen
900 MHz technology for superior clarity of sound
two-channel selection to minimize interference.
Two power options—rechargeable battery or A/C
Rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 hours
Parent unit includes audio/video output jack and is headphone-ready
Brightness and volume control features
Screen automatically “times out” to save batteries.
A/C-powered camera
nighttime LED lights for viewing baby in a darkened room
self-filtering directional microphone

What’s In The Box

  • Video Camera With Transmitter
  • Handheld Monitor With Receiver
  • 2x AC Power Adapters
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Bracket For Wall Mount
  • Hardware For Camera
  • Monitor Stand
  • Belt Clip
  • Instruction Manual
  • More Info On Baby Monitor With Night Vision
baby monitor with night vision


Baby Monitor With Night Vision

Baby monitoring devices have been around for quite a few years now but advances in technology have seen these monitors constantly evolving to offer much more functionality and reliability. A baby monitor with night vision is just one such addition. Based on infrared technology, these monitors silently operate in low light environments and even in total darkness to create ‘night vision’ where your baby can be clearly observed without interuption.

These monitors are particularly useful for babies under the age of 2 when their sleeping routine may not yet have settled into a regular pattern of constant sleep. For the most part, babies may simply stir or awaken in the night then return to another sleep cycle without any real cause for concern. Before night vision baby monitors, this may have required a weary parent to get up and double check that everything was in order. Nowadays, you can simply have your handy baby monitor with night vision laying by your bedside where your baby can safely be observed and, in most cases, it will be apparent that there is no need for you get up.

We all know that babies require round-the-clock supervision but even the most energetic of parents still need their rest after spending an entire day attending to them. Therefore, it goes without saying that if you are going to invest in a baby monitor then you should seriously consider having night vision capabilities otherwise your monitor is only really aiding you through your waking hours.

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Summer Infant Day And Night Video Monitor

summer infant day and night video monitor
Once your little one has arrived, it may seem that you have to be in two places at the same time.  This Summer Infant Day And Night Video Monitor can give you the piece of mind you need by allowing you view and monitor your baby literally day and night on a 5″ black-and-white screen.

Two-channel selection and 900MHz technology provide a sharp, clear picture with minimal interference over a range of 350′, while the LED sound lights also allow you to hear everything going on in the nursery as well, so you can go about your daily routine with the assurance that your baby is being watched over at the same time.

  • Lets you see and hear your baby 24 hours a day
  • Clarity over a 350′ range with 900MHz technology
  • 5″ black-and-white monitor with clear night vision
  • LED sound lights provide a visual cue when your baby makes a sound
  • Video on/off button lets you opt to monitor sound only more info…


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Mom and Baby Checklist..!!


firm mattress
mattress protector x2
Sheet sets x2
cotton cot blanket (summer)
polar fleece blanket (winter)
baby monitor
night light
5 pk vests x2
wondersuits x5
2pk bodysuit x2
beanie x3
socks x5 pairs
short sleeve bodysuit x2
long sleeve bodysuit x2
mittens x2 pairs
coverall’s x5
sleeping bag x3
going home outfit x1
cotton baby wraps x10
cloth nappies x24
nappy treatment
disposable nappies
baby wipes
baby powder
cotton balls and buds
nappy cream
nappy pail
nappy wrapper tub and refills
change mat
baby bath and stand
baby wash/shampoo
baby oil
hooded towel x2
face washerx4
bath support
bath thermometer
non-slip bath mats
convertible car seat and straps
baby carrier
nappy bag
wet weather pram cover
pram mosquito net
travel wrap
baby on board sign
baby view mirror
feeding bottles x6
teats x6
breast pump
bottle and teat brush
pacifiers x4
highchair or reclining seat
formula dispenser
baby food
storage containers for milk/food
nail clippers
baby medicine dispenser
grooming set
teething jel
safety gate
powerpoint plug guards
cupboard latches
cot mobile

skin care products
sorbolene cream
bubble bath
maternity underwear and bra’s
maternity clothes
breast pads
relaxation cd’s
baby name book
assorted parenting dvd’s fot the dad and mum
baby name book
baby record book
pregnancy baby guides
digital or disposable camera
photo album and frame

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Lorex Baby Monitor – White (LW2003)

lorex video monitor

The LOREX Baby Monitor LIVE snap is completely portable with a slim and compact design with built-in ‘snapshot’ recording and rechargable lithium-ion batteries. The pocket-sized video monitor has a 2.4″ super-bright LCD screen AND compact camera. Take the system with you anywhere, when visiting relatives, friends or even going on vacation. Capture those unforgettable moments instantly with touch-button snapshot recording to a built-in microSD card recorder.

Snap and save up to 4000 pictures on the included microSD card. “Talk with Baby” feature lets you talk to and soothe your baby when you are not in the same room. See your baby at night time with the automatic night vision. The signal is secure with 100% integrated digital technology, is interference-free and has a wireless range of up to 450 feet.

The LIVE snap LOREX Baby Monitor grows with your family as it is expandable up to 4 cameras for complete viewing all around the house at the same time. More info…

  • Compact, rechargeable camera, and video monitor
  • Snap, store, and share with microSD recording
  • Talk with Baby (Two-way audio communication)
  • See baby at all times with automatic night vision
  • Secure, interference-free, long-range digital signal


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Types of Baby Monitors And How They Function

There are basically 3 broad types of baby monitors:
1) Baby sounds monitor
2) Baby movement sensor monitor
3) Baby video monitor

Baby Sounds Monitor

This is the most basic baby monitor function which only transmit the sounds that baby makes through the transmitter (with microphone) which is placed near the baby. The sound can be heard through the receiver (with speaker) of the parent unit which is always with the parent or the person taking care of the baby.

Most baby sounds monitor also has a sound light indicator which will light up everytime the baby cries or makes some noise. The sound light indicator has a scale light which indicates the intense of the baby noise. The more noise the baby makes, more lights will be illuminated.

The feature is particularly useful if for instance the parents somehow did not hear the baby cries due to whatever reasons. But the illuminated sound light indicator will somehow catch the parents eyes and alert them to attend to their babies immediately.

Baby Movement Sensor Monitor

This monitor will have the basic functions of the baby sounds monitor but with additional function. The baby monitor is able to detect the movement of the baby. It has a movement or sensor pad which needs to be placed on top of a hard surface such a cardboard or other hard surface board underneath the baby’s matress. A cable from the movement sensor pad is connected to the transmitter unit in the baby’s room.

What it does is that the sensor pad detects the movement of the baby in the cot. When no movement is detected for more than 20 seconds, this will trigger an alarm which is heard through the parents unit. The feature is particularly useful as it enables the parents to react quickly to see what happen to their babies.

It has been known that this function is able to reduce the cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) where the parents are able to attend to the babies immediately. This feature will give an additional security and comfort to the parents knowing that the baby is active and breathing.

Baby Video Monitor

Apart from the audio features, this monitor comes with a video function as well. This features allows you to see the baby as well as hearing the sounds from the baby. The receiver from the parents unit projects the image of the baby through the monitor in color. This useful function also give the parents an additional sense of comfort to see what their babies are doing whether sleeping or playing.

The video function will also allows night vision as well where you are able to see your baby in the dark. Here you can see the image of your baby in black and white. So, the video baby monitor gives you the ability of seeing your baby whether during the day or night and to see what the baby is doing. Some parents prefer this function as images of their babies give a sense of added comfort and good feeling.

For more reviews on baby monitors and how summer infant video baby monitor functions and recommendation in choosing the right baby monitor, please visit

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Summer Infant Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor, White

summer infant best view handheld color video monitor

The Summer Infant handheld video monitor is the ‘best view’ in handheld monitors. It provides a clear and secure transmission using 100% digital integrated technology and it not only looks and works great but it also has a 2.5″ color display screen with pan, scan and zoom camera options to get the best view of baby. More info…

  • 100% digital technology
  • Color video (day) and Black & white (night)
  • 2.5″ display screen
  • Rechargeable batteries included in parents unit (should last up to 10 hours of continuous use)
  • Remotely pan, tilt and zoom camera from parents unit for best view of baby


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Baby Quiet Sounds Monitor – Handheld Color 1.8″ Square

The Baby Quiet Sounds Monitor by Summer Infant Day & Night is one technologically savvy baby video monitor. It is small and lightweight and comes complete with a 1.8 in. color TFT screen which is great for any household.

One of the great features about this baby video monitor is that it allows parents to see the baby in a darkened room. It is one of the few baby monitors to be fully equipped with night vision technology. The 2-channel selection means that the possiblity for interference is lessened. A 350 ft. range is a substantial range for most households.  It also houses a rechargeable battery with power saving features that time out after 3 minutes and can last last up to 10 hours. More info…

  • Summer Infant monitor is small and lightweight
  • 1.8 In. color TFT screen
  • Quiet Sounds monitor includes 900 MHz technology for superior clarity and range
  • Two channel selection for less interferance
  • Night vision allows parent to see baby in darkened room

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Discounted Long Range Baby Monitors

You can pick up baby monitors from practically everywhere these days, even supermarkets are selling them.  But to find a high quality long range baby monitor can be a bit more of a challenge.

Many of the baby monitors available only offer a crude reception with a large amount of background noise that sounds rather like white noise.  Worse still, they soon go out of range, even when you are still in the house and not even warn you that the range is being exceeded.  You could be happily out in your garden thinking that your baby is sleeping when all the time they could be screaming their heads off for you.  A situation that no parent wants to find themselves in.

The best long range baby monitor tends to be digital.  Not only do they have crystal clear reception, the top quality monitors will have a warning to alert you if you are going out of range.  A long range baby monitor will give you up to 50 metres range indoors and up to 300 metres range outdoors.

Ideal if you have a large house, garden or both.  If you enjoy gardening or sitting outside in the summer a long range baby monitor will allow you to relax, safe in the knowledge that you will be able to hear your little one should they wake or need you.

Digital baby monitors also have the added quality of noise reduction.  The irritating hiss that the majority of baby monitors tend to have is filtered out.  This is good news for every parent wanting a good nights sleep.  Nightimes are peaceful with only genuine needs from your baby coming through load and clear.  Sniffles, crackles and innocent movements can be easily muted down.

Discover which long range baby monitor has won awards with both Mother & Baby 2009 and Which 2008/09.

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MobiCam Digital Wireless Video Monitor Audio System

mobicam digital wireless video monitor

The Mobicam Digital Wireless Video Monitor has a transmission range of up to 300 ft. It is portable, multi-functional and compact, specially designed for easy mobility of both the monitor and camera units to be moved virtually to any location within the home, office or other environment.  Integrated automatic night vision makes it suitable for 24 hour use and the monitor can connect to a TV or other A/V device. More info…

  • Compact camera and receiver
  • Auto camera scan
  • 900MHz technology
  • Optional Internet kit allows user to view system from anywhere in the world
  • Large 2″ color display expandable to two cameras
  • Audio Video output plugs into TV, VCR, DVD’s

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Recommendations for Mothers

A mother always knows best for her baby. When it comes to selecting the best performing video baby monitors, she will always seek for quality and performance. To make things easier for a working mom who doesn’t have the luxury of time to choose among the vast array of baby monitors, here are the best quality video baby monitors she can consider:

Summer Infant Two-room scanning baby video monitor. Most video baby monitors only allow one child to be monitored. What happens if you have twins? Summer Infant came up with a video baby monitor where there are two monitors with one receiver. The receiver will show alternate images of the two children in the two different rooms. The images will be displayed alternately every five seconds. The receiver may not be as portable as that of a single-monitor device but you can clearly see the images of your two children in a TV screen size receiver.

Safety First Color View Video Baby Monitor-When most video baby monitors can only be mounted on a table top or desk, Safety First video baby monitor can be mounted on crib rails, walls, and tabletops. This makes it more convenient for moms to move around the baby’s crib or bed. With this video baby monitor, she can be sure of getting accurate mage of her child no matter which part of the room he is currently located. Its picture is also reasonably clear even at night.

Mobicam Color Video Baby Monitor-This video baby monitor is cheaper compared to other video baby monitors. Its compact camera is easy to place in a nursery and its receiver is lightweight which makes it handy. It has night vision feature to make you see your baby’s image even at night and can attached to the TV for a bigger screen viewing.

BébéSounds Flat Panel Color Video and Sound Monitor-Finally, here is a video baby monitor where you can have a screen size that’s just enough to get a full view of your baby and that includes the vision-impaired grandparents. It also has clearer reception compared to other video baby monitors where there are lively colors during daytime and exceptional reception during the night. This video baby monitor can take the place of a night light because of the soft light that emanates from it and fills the entire room.

Video baby monitors are not merely a trend. Most mothers have found it to be convenient and a valuable child-rearing device. If you’re a mother or a mother-to-be, It’s high time you chose the right video baby monitor now.

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Summer Slim and Secure Handheld Monitor PINK

This trendy pink Summer Slim and Secure handheld monitor is small, sleek and stylish with a design that makes parents feel like they’re watching their baby on their cell phone. It’s today’s most sought after baby monitor and gives parents the reassurance they need by allowing them to hear and see baby – day or night.

  • 2.5″ color LCD screen with automatic black and white night vision
  • 100% digital technology provides a secure and private connection up to 350 feet away
  • Parent convenience features include: belt clip, flip stand, 10-hour rechargeable battery, auto time-out feature, LED sound lights and one-touch video on/off button for nighttime convenience.

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Question by robwilk6: Multiple video baby monitors?
We tried to install a 2nd video baby monitor in our house but the new one gets interference and even picks up the view of the first monitor! we bought 2 of the same monitors. It works great and when we bought the 2nd one it just didnt work. We tried adjusting the channels from A to B on both monitors but nothing….any ideas?

Answer by Pyromaniac
Buy a different brand.

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Summer Infant Complete Coverage Monitor Set with extra camera

For parents looking for a video monitor following today s trends there s the Dual Video Monitor Set from Summer Infant Different from any other monitor in the market this monitor has a unique look tilt feature and a unique swivel design to accommodate multiple angles A second handheld color video monitor is included for added portability and parent convenience This kit comes with extra camera.

  • 900 MHz technology, Video Unit:7″ LCD Color Flat screen, Camera: 2 Cameras included (1 white and 1 silver)- 2 rooms can be watched by switching Channels on either Monitor
  • Swivel stand & multiple tilt option, Table top or under cabinet mounting option for parent unit, LED sound lights let you see and hear baby’s call, One-touch video on/off button, 400′ extended range, Built in carry handle
  • Handheld Unit:1 handheld unit, Color video (day) and Black & white (night), 1.8″ display screen, Rechargeable batteries included in parents unit (lasts up to 10 hrs. continuous use)
  • Small, lightweight design, Sound lights & low battery indicator, Belt clip & flip stand (in one), Volume control, Brightness Control, on/off button
  • Power save feature, One-touch video on/off button, AV jack included, 350′ range


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Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor, White

philips avent digital video baby monitor

  • Day and night monitoring includes infrared night vision and 100% private connection at a range of up to nearly 500ft
  • Large 2.4 color video screen provides easy monitoring with high resolution images
  • Automatic screen activation? turns the video screen on when noise is detected in babys room
  • Cordless portable parent unit with belt clip allows for complete freedom in and around the home
  • Soothing lullabies and nightlight comforts baby to sleep

Stay always close to your baby with the latest technology in baby video monitoring. The Philips AVENT Digital Video Monitor SCD600/10 enables you to see and hear your baby, giving you the confidence that he or she is safe and sound, day and night. With advanced digital technology, the SCD600/10 provides crystal clear vision at a distance of up to 500ft, allowing you to stay connected to your baby from anywhere in the home without disrupting his or her sleep.

Infra-red night vision allows for round the clock monitoring. Built-in nightlight and soothing lullabies help lull baby to sleep.Even when you’re away from the nursery, you can rely on the SCD600 Digital Video Monitor from Philips AVENT to keep track of your baby. This Digital Video Monitor features a generous operating range, superb sound quality, and a high-resolution digital-quality color screen, so you’ll hear and see your baby no matter where you are in your home. With the infrared night vision feature, this digital video monitor even allows you to view your baby in the dark.

callout box top
SCD600 Digital Video Monitor
At a Glance:

  • See and hear your baby with the latest technology in video monitoring
  • High-resolution digital-quality color screen provides a crystal-clear view of your baby
  • Infrared night vision allows for video monitoring day and night
  • Cordless parent unit operates within a 492-foot range
  • Automatic channel selection ensures a 100% private connection
callout box bottom
Philips Avent SCD600 Digital Video Monitor
See and hear your baby at all times with easy-to-use digital video technology.
View larger.
Philips Avent SCD600 Digital Video Monitor
Infra-red night vision enables you to see your baby around the clock. View larger.

Digital Camera and High-Resolution Screen Provide Crystal Clear Viewing
Whether you’re working in your home office or cooking in the kitchen, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the nursery with the Digital Video Monitor from Philips AVENT. The monitor’s baby unit features a ball-style camera that swivels up, down, left, and right for the best shot of your child. The camera wirelessly sends real-time high-resolution video to the portable parent unit, which has a generous 2.4-inch digital-quality color screen that provides a clear image of your baby.

Infrared Night Vision for Round-the-Clock Monitoring
Thanks to the infrared night vision feature, this baby monitor doesn’t stop at night or when the lights are off. The parent unit displays a clear night-vision image when the nursery is dark. Volume and brightness controls further enable easy monitoring of your baby.

LEDs Signal Noise Level in Your Baby's RoomDisplay Screen and LEDs Signal Noise Level in Your Baby’s Room
When the Digital Video Monitor detects a noise in your baby’s room, the parent unit’s screen automatically activates and its lights indicate the level of noise.

Generous Operating Range and Cordless Mobility
With a range of 492 feet, the Digital Video Monitor lets you feel close to your little one, even when you’re not in the same room. The rechargeable parent unit with hands-free belt clip allows you to move freely in and around your home, and its digital link and power indicators give you assurance that you’re connected to your baby.

Automatic Channel Selection Provides a 100% Private Connection
Operating on a frequency band of 2.4 gigahertz, the Digital Video Monitor automatically searches for the most secure connection with the least interference. You can rest assured that your monitor transmissions are 100% private, and that you’re the only one who can hear and see your baby.

Lullabies and Nightlight Help Sooth Your BabyLullabies and Nightlight Help Sooth Your Baby
For those times when your baby is restless and agitated at bedtime, you can select one of three soothing lullabies that will invite sleep in no time. You can also help soothe and calm your little one with the warm tranquil glow of the night light that can be activated from the baby unit.

About Philips AVENT
Since 1984 AVENT has been designing and manufacturing products that are inspired by nature and developed through extensive research and clinical trials. Now, as part of the Philips Group, Philips AVENT produces innovative solutions that make feeding and caring for your baby easier.

The Philips AVENT product range includes baby monitors, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, toddler feeding, and newborn gifts. The products are designed to fit your busy life and make it easier for you to make the best choices for your baby.

What’s in the Box
Digital video monitor including camera and parent unit, belt clip, user manual, and quick-start guide.

Philips Avent Logo
Philips Avent SCD510 SCD510 DECT Baby Monitor
Crystal-clear sound monitoring
Philips Avent SCD525SCD525 ECO DECT Baby Monitor
Sound and temperature monitoring
Philips Avent SCD535SCD535 ECO DECT Baby Monitor
Sound, temp, and humidity monitoring
Philips Avent SCD600SCD600 Digital Video Monitor
Video and audio monitoring

Discounted Price….

Rating: (out of 17 reviews)


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Question by Madison’s mommy <3: Help and opinions between Video Monitors, and can I use a 2nd screen with the camera? Thanks!!?
I am debating between two video monitors, the Summer Infant Slim and Secure and the Summer Infant Best View. Does anyone have any experience with either of these or is there a mjor difference betweeen the two?

Also, They both come with the hand held monitor, but I would like to buy one of the large screens to keep downstairs. Would I be able to use both the hand held screen and the large screen at the same time with the camera?

Thanks so much for your help! I am kinda lost in this department :)

Answer by lilbiitchxx
hi my friend had one of them camera monitors one nite baby was crying she cud see her on screen and didn’t see nothing wrong wit her she kept up the crying for bout 15 Min’s so she went to see y she was still crying (she was 15months) she walked into the room to find the cord of the camera wrapped around the child’s neck… something to think about before gettin them and make sure there well out of child’s reach

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